Houweling-Dutch Plantin

Our Story

Houweling-Dutch Plantin started in 2019 as a North American subsidiary of Houweling Group and Dutch Plantin; both based in the Netherlands. 

Houweling Group, started in 1925, is a family business that protect products, plants, and people serving more then 30 countries across the globe with 180,000 products. Houweling Group contributes to the conservation of valuable raw materials, reduction in the use of fossil fuels and limitation of waste output products. Due to the major expansions of the greenhouse industry in North America, Houweling Group chose to expand their horticulture sector into Canada.  

Dutch Plantin, started in 1984, prides themselves as the largest exporter of coconut coir out of India with 15 of their own factories. They provide high quality coir across the globe and put a focus on the well-being and future of communities in India by employing 1500 people and helping them build a better future by investing in their well-being and safety through good working conditions, long-term contracts, overtime pay and a pension scheme. 

Together, they formed a company that not only has many years of experience, but has value and integrity, providing high quality products with the earth in mind. Every product added to our portfolio is carefully considered for quality, price, and sustainability.

That Simple.

Houweling-Dutch Plantin